I know, I used this in another post, I’m desperate okay.

Hey guys this’ll be a quick post regarding part of the reason why I haven’t been posting. Well, not technically now but very soon I’ll give you a detailed post of all the crazy shenanigans that’s been going on in my life (and Sporty’s).

For now this is an urgent request, I’m starting school Tommorrow, like real school, no homeschool stuff. I need advice, I’m really nervous and I’ll be in 8th grade, which, from what I heard sucks. Now, cliche is fine however, I’d like a rundown of what the heck is going to go down and what to expect, thanks. Fly Fierce my friends, I’ll see you in the upcoming post.


5 thoughts on “I’m Starting School Tommorrow… Help.

  1. I call this Ink’s Declassified Grade Survival Guide.
    1. Try not to get yourself roped up in a lot of drama.
    2. Find as many people as you can that share your interests.
    3. Become friends with people as described in #2.
    4. Don’t procrastinate on your work.

    That’s helped me get through school… except for number 4, I’m the king of procrastinating… but hope it helps you.

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