Hey guys, Fierce Flyer here.

We need to talk.

First and foremost I’d just like to apologize for the lack of posts, a lot has been going on in my personal life which is pretty much what this post is about. A long rundown of all the hectic things that’s been going on

The End of Homeschool.

as some of you know. I’m in Homeschool… kinda. You see, my mom’s a teacher in an elementary school and SB and I go with her (so I’m not actually home when it comes to homeschool). You know all my art, right? I do my digital drawings on the school’s computer which they lend to my mom. When news came around that this was her last year I thought about how I’d be able to do my art… It turns out I unfortunately wouldn’t.

no more art. (for now hopefully)


It would also turn out I’m actually moving. From the sunny warm 24/7 heat of South Florida to… Massachusetts. Although I’d like to get more in depth with this I can’t… pretty much we’ve moved and I’m cold so, yay…

Starting School

Well, as seen from my most recent post, I’ve started to go to school. As in a real school, with homework and crazy classmates and stuff. It’s been about 6 years since I’ve actually been in a classroom environment where I actually had to learn something. It’s definitely an experience, met some interesting people, don’t really have that much homework, great teachers, learned most of the stuff they’re teaching me already, I realized I was good at math which was a subject that I really hated growing up, and due to the loss of my only drawing computer I’ve really started to pick up on my traditional drawing and I’d like to say I’m getting better at that aspect so, that’s a plus, I guess.

So, basically life has changed for me and I happen to really not like change but… it happens. Our only choice is to accept which we cannot control and to just move on and makes the most of the situation we’re in. That’s something that I’m definitely going to try to do.

as always

And I’ll see you next time, Fierce flyer out.

PS: I know the title seems kind of clickbaity but keep in mind that I will always continue blogging! 🙂


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