Happy Holidays!!

Hello everyone Fierce Flyer here! Today this will be a quick blog post showing my Happy Holidays picture that I quickly drew up, enjoy! Happy Holidays everyone, and thank you for supporting this blog! Until next post Fierce Flyer out!

Art Update

Hello Everyone! Fierce Flyer here and welcome to a small update on my senario for art. I'm going to show a to do list rom most important art I need to get in to the... meh art, here we go. Christmas picture! I was planning on doing a christmas picture and since the holiday is … Continue reading Art Update

100+ Hits!!!

Hello everyone Fierce Flyer here! Today's a huge milestone for me, not only did I receive the most views ever on my blog, 18, we reached 112 hits!! I can't thank you guys enough, these past three days are the most active my blog has been and It's all thanks to you guys, once again … Continue reading 100+ Hits!!!