FFF Party rescheduled

Hey guys Fierce Flyer here and welcome to another post regarding the Fan Fiction Friday Party... it's pretty much rescheduled, it's either going to be next week Friday, April 7th, or even April 14th. I did this because I need more time to setup everything, I want everything to go according to plan and for everything … Continue reading FFF Party rescheduled


Fan Fiction Friday Party!

Hey everyone Fierce Flyer here and welcome back to an important post regarding Triple F's Finale. As seen in the title, Silver Raptor will be hosting a party for the final chapter of his Spy Island adventure! So Agent Raptor, take it away. Thank you, Fierce! Let's right away go into some... First things first, the … Continue reading Fan Fiction Friday Party!

Blog Shout-out #3

Hey there guys, Fierce Flyer here and welcome back to another blog shoutout! As always show your support by dropping a like and commenting on the post (I sound like a YouTuber). Last week's shoutout I gave was to the Poptropica Flyers Blog you can check out the post here: https://fierceflyerblog.wordpress.com/2017/03/19/blog-shoutout-2/ alright, without further ado, let us begin! … Continue reading Blog Shout-out #3