Hey guys, Fierce Flyer here and welcome back to Art number 3! You poptropicans loved the last two, and honestly so did I, that’s why I’m once more bringing it back. If you’d also like to view my last one click here If you’re new to this then allow me to explain; Once a month I display three of my best art I’ve drawn and will explain each one of them, whether they are Pop related or not. Lucky for you guys, this week I’ve been improving my artistic skill and brought you some awesome artwork! Also, in case you’re wondering I use Medibang paint, a free art software for windows and apple computers, I do have a tablet but… I don’t know how to work it, but I do have a touchscreen computer, (Actually, it’s my mom’s…from the school…Wonders of having a parent as a teacher 😉 Anyway let’s get started with #1.

1. Zech

cool hair

This over here is Zech, Short for Zachery (Probably should’ve named him Zach but, eh) Is from the legendary show Masters! In case you didn’t remember what Masters is then here’s a brief reminder, You see me and my brother still love to playing with legos and many years ago we made our own “show” called Masters, as in elemental masters. We’ve done tons of seasons maybe about 16 in the past few years, maybe even more! Zech is first introduced in the Masters season as a cool adventurer from Alaska and ends up becoming an ally with the team. though he looks like a wealthy man, he’s not. He mostly spends his money on snowboarding gear or shades and he doesn’t really have a job, by day he’s a street performer, fast food employee, and a laid back dude, but by night he’s a pro snow/skateboarder and ally of the elemental masters!

2. Lego Worlds Custom Character

Lego Worlds!.png

Tada! Lately, SB and I have been obsessed with this newly released game Lego Worlds! It’s like Minecraft but (in no offense) much better, I’ve actually never played Minecraft before so… just my opinion, heh… everything in this game is made up of entire lego, even the surface of the water! In the picture shown it’s a custom character I created exploring a cave with a torch in his left hand and a map in the other. I would draw SB’s character but, it’s kinda complicated so I just went with this. (Also the logo to the right is the Lego Worlds smaller logo).


3. Suave Fierce Flyer


This here is a Poptropica Worlds version of my poptropican Fierce Flyer doing finger guns pointing at the FFA logo. I thought It’d be a good idea to practice drawing fingers, and ever since then I’ve been getting better! My favorite feature to this drawing is his shoes, if know me extremely well you’ll know I’m a shoe kinda guy. Like I always say (I’ve never said this before) Your shoes have to match your shirt!

Well, that’s all for today but don’t leave yet! I’ve got an announcement to make… Artistic Mondays are back! So don’t miss your chance to submit your suggestions for me to draw, Whether it’s a cat, (*cough* *cough* I’m pretty good at drawing cats *cough*) a poptropican, an angry bird or whatever, I’ll draw it! Of course, that’s only if you get selected by the wheel, but hurry, you must submit a request before Friday 12:00 a.m. EST!

As always


and I’ll see you next post, Fierce Flyer signing out!

PS: Along with art suggestions, what was your favorite piece of art displayed?


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